The Skin Machine (Munzee Skin Generator) - Grids

This is a beta version web page for generating Munzee QR Codes. This version will print Munzees with your specific size and margins to fill a printed page. Warning: Do not deploy without fully testing your results.

Your "Barcode value" can be found by clicking the Undeployed tab on your user page and click the friendly name of the Munzee you want to print. Just above the print button is the link to the barcode value.

  1. Go to your user page at and click the tab marked Undeployed.
  2. Click on one of your Munzees where you would normally go to print. If there are no Munzees created then click Create a Munzee and come back after you are done.
  3. Copy the link just above the print button, it will look something like and paste it into the "Barcode value" box Click for Example. If printing more than one skin make sure that each code is on it's own line.
  4. Select the QR width in mm, cm, inches(decimal) or pt(1/72 inch)
  5. Select the padding(empty space around QR) in mm, cm, inches(decimal) or pt(1/72 inch)
  6. Click "Generate Skin" and wait a few seconds for the image to be generated.
Barcode value one per line:
QR Size:
QR Padding: